Fixing Your MindSet

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Change is a term majority of people despise. No one wants to go through phases of changes in life because it is new. Most people prefer to be common and keep things ,such as their way of thinking or their daily activities the same. Change can be for the best and also for the worse as well. When involving individuals in the process of change, everything about them becomes different. When people change for the best, relationship terms, they become more open, more loving, more confident about themselves and towards their significant other. Sometimes change is the best outcome for a successful relationship. The bond becomes neutral and relaxing to the point where you know you are meant for that person. On the other hand, when change affects a person for the worse, the relationship and themselves become terrible. A person begins to doubt themselves individually and distant themselves from their partner. It is amazing how change can affect the most precious values in a person’s life in so little time. In relationship terms, if the relationship is worth fighting for then change can be handled in terms of patience. If both are changing slowly and start to become distant by not saying sweet words or doing sweet things as before, then it is time to discuss what is next because you don’t want to wait until the water runs dry. Change is apart of nature, it will happen to everyone eventually. you just have to be willing to decide if it will affect you for better or the worse. Change can be the most amazing feeling but it can also make you feel low. Don’t lose the people you love and those who love you while going through phrases, especially do not lose your self as well.

Letting Go

Holding emotions inside can kill a person. It can cause numerous of health problems and mental problems. People tend to hold feelings inside because of a sense of self worth. When expressing yourself at the moment a situation occurs, negativity grows beyond measures. Most people aren’t mature enough to speak calmly when they are angry, they tend to explode and say things they do not mean at the moment. This also falls in to terms of being emotional enough to the point where crying is the only option. Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak or nether does it mean you’re vulnerable. Sometimes crying helps solve problems that other things can’t solve. After you have let everything out in a matter of minutes, you feel so much better yet the situation is still going to be there. Letting go of something is difficult if it hurt so deeply that it left you in silence. A lot of ppl in this world hurt ppl intentionally but others do it by mistake. Everyone knows how it feels to be heartbroken in terms of being in a relationship. As you look back on everything, you think about the “what ifs”……..what if I thought differently during that time or what if I handled that situation a little differently, how would things be now? Would things be the same or would everything be different? Focusing on the good memories is the hardest thing to do when you’ve been hurt but it helps in some cases. Just visualizing the fun times, the long talks full of wisdom and encouragement, the vacations, the smiles, the motivational phrases, the actions you took on the process of building with one another. The positives is what will make a relationship work after you’ve been broken into pieces. Love is powerful but it can make you who you are or who you need to be. So stop letting emotions sink inside of you and just be open no matter how much it pains. Cry, yell, pray or whatever you choose to help you through the short term emotional stage. Just remember to focus on the positives so the negatives won’t interfere with what you have built for yourself and what you and your partner have built. 

My unborn black son 

The world will look at you as the enemy. 
Just because of your brown skin, not knowing that your soul is pure as it can be.. 

My unborn black son… 

My teaching towards you have to consist of knowledge of self 

Not just knowledge of white supremacy education books 

Your father will teach you ambition, strength, confidence, to not trust first, about protection, etc… He will provide the essentials of being a man.. 

My unborn black son 

You will know the truth…. 

The world is out to get you and no one.. 

Not your parents nor you… Can avoid it…

Fixing Your MindSet

When a group of people have been brainwashed for a long period of time, they become dependent and lost in the world. More black people today are slowly but surely waking up to the point where they are finding themselves. When you begin to find thyself, you become conscious and question everything around you that you have been knowing all your life. Your friends become distant, your family stops communicating with you like they usually do, and you begin to meet new people who are on the same level you are on. People will tell you that you are crazy, weird, dumb, etc. But why allow negative words stop you from finding yourself and fixing your mindset? Know thyself and you will love thyself more than ever. Once you let go of the negative depictions of the views of your people, you will start to learn new things about yourself that was never taught. Fix your thinking first..then your problems will soon become distinct.

Just be Yourself

As you manifest into maturity, changes within your life are bound to occur whether it is good or bad. Life throws obstacles into our lives to test our strength and patience. My question to the world is, why make it harder on yourself by trying to be like someone other than who you were born to be? Its understandable that looking up to someone who is superior to you or someone who shows you who you think you want to be, yet it is not an excuse to model their every move. Each time you model everything they are doing, you are pushing far away from your own humanistic ways. Being yourself is amazing; as a matter of fact, it gives you a sense of uniqueness and individuality. It makes you different from others and makes you uncategorized in society. Just be yourself because there is only one you and no one in the world like you. http://justbeyourself